About Us

Alejandro and Lupe Urias started Urias Farms as a hobby in 1992 with only 28 baby palm shoots. Now, in 2016, there are over 300 mature palms on 5 acres surrounding their home in Somerton, Az. Urias Farm is a family run farm with their helpful extended family and friends. As the palms mature each year, the amount of Medjool dates we harvest continue with the high quality we share with you. Months prior to picking, the thinning of the dates begins. Thinning ensures that each date has maximum area to grow to its potential size to ensure a large, plump and sweet date. After the thinning each date is hand-picked, hand sorted then washed and placed in the trays. The dates are then placed in the sun to be naturally dried in the sunshine until the dates are mature and ready to be hand packed with care. Once packed, we keep the dates chilled until they are purchased to maintain their freshness, plumpness and quality. Urias Farms provides quality dates that surpasses all others in Yuma County and surrounding areas. If you are in our area, please call so we can give you a personalized tour of our farm. We would love to share with you how we care for our dates for your enjoyment. We also have some very interesting palm tree treasures which truly enhance any floral or dried arrangement you might be creating.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Alejandro, Lupe & Chacha Urias